Serena | Luna Wellbeing

Luna Wellbeing is a place where yoga, nourishing food, self-love and healing come together. We celebrate vibrant food through foodie events, recipe sharing and cooking for friends. The body is honored through vinyasa flow and yin yoga, free movement and breathwork. The mind is nurtured through meditation and the coming together of kindred souls. Luna Wellbeing is a place to slow down, to reconnect and embrace a more holistic way of living.

As a self taught plant-based chef, Serena cooked and blogged under The Herb Diaries for a few years, whilst she learned more about food and herself. She worked as Creative Manager for Deliciously Ella for 18 months, and was in her element cooking all day everyday, experimenting with flavours and creating new recipes. She continues to do freelance recipe development and events catering for various London based companies and private individuals, cooking on yoga retreats, hen dos and birthday parties every chance she gets.

Serena’s first true love is - and will always be - food, but having had tremendous healing value on her life, yoga comes in at an incredibly close second. She is now a 400 hour certified vinyasa flow and yin yoga teacher, teaching for various studios, companies and private clients across London. With a thai yoga massage qualification under her belt, a few retreats booked in the diary for the coming months, and plans in motion to train as a reflexologist, Serena created Luna Wellbeing as a way to tie together all her great loves, food, yoga and travel.

Serena and Filly | Luna Wellbeing

Filly and Serena met on a yoga training and bonded over their mutual love of good food, yoga and a history of mental health wobbles, and it became obvious pretty quickly that Filly would be joining Luna.

Filly fell in love with yoga after finding it perfect for calming a rather overactive and anxious mind, and now aims to help others find the same sense of calm and contentment.  She is a 300 hour trained in ashtanga/vinyasa and yin yoga and currently teaches in both Oxfordshire and London. It was Filly’s deep interest in the power of healing that lead her to complete her level 1 and 2 reiki training. She now practices in London, using her knowledge of - and passion for - energetic work to help heal herself and others on both a physical and emotional level.

Filly | Luna Wellbeing

With Filly’s help, support and incredible ability to calm Serena’s racing monkey mind, the girls are creating a healing space for people to cultivate greater self love, embrace their bodies and individualities in all their glory, and indulge in an abundance of delicious plant-based food; hopefully making some lifelong friends along the way.