GOJAR and a Cucumber Basil Infusion

All opinions you will find below are 100% my own - I would not promote a brand or company unless I really believe they are great.

I got a very exciting package through the post this week.... Kirsty and Stuart from GOJAR very kindly sent me some of their amazing jars, and I am in love. They are perfect for smoothies, juices and refreshing infusions, helping you make healthy decisions when you are on the go and preventing the use of toxic plastic bottles and straws, which can leak toxins into your juices and produce a whole load of harmful and unnecessary non-biodegradable waste. The ones they sent (pictured above) are 1 litre and 500ml with stainless steel straws, but they also do bamboo straws and jars with handles.

The GOJAR Story:

GOJAR was born in 2014 when Kirsty started drinking more green smoothies to help with her various autoimmune diseases.

Kirsty was looking for a portable and stylish solution that would allow her to take her green smoothies to work, without having to resort to plastic bottles and cups. These can leach into your smoothie and also cause a lot of waste compared to glass.

Stuart created the ultimate solution with his GOJAR, which is portable, stylish, eco-friendly and also allows smoothies to be made the night before, stored in the fridge and still retain all their nutrients with the 2nd airtight lid, which stops oxidisation.

We decided we couldn’t be the only people who would want or need a GOJAR and so we started manufacturing them for other green smoothie and juicing fanatics. The GOJAR has even got Stuart, a self-confessed veggie-loather, ‘drinking in his 5 a day’!

How GOJAR works:

Make your smoothie and pour it into the GOJAR, sealing with the solid lid. When you are ready to drink your smoothie, just pop on the straw hole lid, pop in your straw and go!

As if eco-friendly, portable jars aren't exciting enough, I am not the only one being treated this week. Kirsty and Stuart have been incredibly generous and are giving all Herb Diaries readers a 10% discount! All you have to do is enter the special code when you are buying your jars. Here is all the information you will need:

www.gojar.co.uk    code: herbdiaries10

For more information or to support/follow/receive updates from GOJAR:
Facebook: Facebook.com/teamgojar
Twitter: twitter.com/teamgojar
Instagram: @teamgojar
Pinterest: pinterest.com/teamgojar

Once you've bought your jars and are able to take your smoothies with you wherever you go, make sure you # your photos on Instagram with #inmygojar

Cucumber Basil Infusion: Fill your GOJAR with filtered water, a few slices of cucumber and a few torn fresh basil leaves. Put in the fridge for a few hours then enjoy!

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