Women’s Wellness Coaching

So many girls and women that I meet are battling with stress and anxiety on a daily basis.  They’re living on autopilot and have lost connection with who they are and what excites them in their lives. They’re tired of giving all their energy to friends and family, but worry that caring for themselves is “selfish” or “self-indulgent”.

Does this sound familiar?!

Coaching is a wonderful tool to help you come back to yourself and to reclaim your power! It is a talking based holistic therapy which helps you:

  • challenge limiting beliefs and how they are holding you back

  • gather resources for managing stress and low mood, whilst building a more positive mindset

  • boost confidence and self esteem

  • create clarity, motivation and purpose in your life

  • make positive changes for your happiness and health

  • address issues within your relationships and realise how to move through them

If you think of counselling as focusing on your past, coaching focuses on your future. It can be massively beneficial to simply have an hour to talk about yourself and what you’re working through, in a safe, collaborative, supportive and confidential space.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please get in touch to organise a free discovery call!

Sessions are 60 minutes and take place over Zoom or Skype.